How we collaborate


Consultation for workflow architecture/optimization

Champion complex clinical projects and system design
Utilize appropriate management techniques to plan, organize, control and coordinate activities
Provide leadership in the implementation and evolution and adoption of IT

Enhancement request/governance

Nursing Informatics Committee (NIC) is the governing body responsible for the oversight of clinical technology tools used by nurses and patient care services staff who provide patient care across UCSF Heath. 
NIC guides clinical system design, workflow improvement, and effective implementation of solutions that support organizational goals.
NIC aims to improve patient care by leveraging optimal use of technology-enabled clinical tools, and intends to act in parallel with the Apex Clinical Content Committee (AC3).

Change management and service delivery

Develop and operationalize readiness assessments, sponsor roadmaps, and communication plans with the implementation of new technologies
Evaluate the optimal utilization and adoption of new and existing tools
Facilitate outcomes measurement and benefits realization