The Medical Informatics team in UCSF Health Informatics works with School of Medicine clinical leadership to define goals in quality, safety, value, innovation, and patient and provider experience, and embody them in UCSF's clinical information systems. The physician workflows and content in UCSF Health's electronic health record are created by physicians. Our physician informaticists are drawn from multiple specialties, and our work spans the electronic health record's order sets, clinical workflows, decision support, app integration, and evaluation of new clinical information technologies.



Our Teammates




Russ Cucina, MD, MS

Chief Medical Information Officer





Michael Lang, MD, MPH

Associate Chief Medical Information Officer

Children's Services



Maria Byron, MD

Associate Chief Medical Information Officer

Ambulatory Care




Sara Murray, MD, MAS

Associate Chief Medical Information Officer

Inpatient Care




Liza Wick, MD

Medical Director

Surgery Informatics




David Robinowitz, MD

Medical Director

Anesthesia & Perioperative Informatics





Andrew Auerbach, MD, MPH

Marin Provider Clinical Content




Aris Oates, MD

Medical Director, Informatics

UCSF BCH San Francisco




Katie Grouse, MD

Medical Director

Ambulatory Informatics



Michelle Mourad, MD

Physician Lead

Inpatient Care Informatics



Jason Jagodzinski, MD

Physician Lead

Pediatric Surgery Informatics




Smitha Ganeshan, MD

Physician Lead

Informatics Health IT Strategy




Charlotte Hsieh, MD, FAAP

Medical Director, Informatics

UCSF BCH Oakland





Guy Shochat, MD

Physician Lead

Adult Emergency Medicine Informatics



Raman Khanna, MD, MAS

Medical Director of Informatics, Inpatient Care

Program Director, Clinical Informatics Fellowship




Anobel Odisho, MD

Virtual Care Programs




Julie O'Brien, MD

Physician Lead

Ambulatory Informatics

UCSF BCH San Frnacisco



Nicole Ling, MD, MAS

Physician Lead

Ambulatory and Telehealth



Leo Liu, MD

Physician Lead, Informatics

UCSF Hospital Medicine at St. Mary's Medical Center



Marc Kohli, MD

Medical Director

Imaging Informatics



Steven Bin, MD

Physician Lead

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Informatics



Tim Judson, MD

Physician Lead

Population Health Informatics


Julian Hong


Julian Hong, MD

Medical Director, Informatics

Radiation Concology 



Robert Goldsby, MD

Physician Lead

Pediatric Oncology Informatics



Wesley Kidder, MD

Physician Lead

Adult Oncology Informatics



Simone Arvisais-Anhalt, MD

Physician Informaticist

Laboratory Medicine



Nicholas Ladwig, MD

Physician Informaticist