Advanced Analytics & Innovation

Driving data sciences and predictive analytics for clinical care
We make sense of large volumes of data from the EHR to inform health leaders and informaticists

Photo: Steven Chan/UCSF

Our Advanced Analytics & Innovation Group at UCSF Health takes a critical look at the way our electronic health record systems drives clinical operations, and researches new ways to provide the right data at the right time for UCSF Health leadership. UCSF Health Informatics's Advanced Analytics & Innovations Group helps improve efficiency, advance patient and staff safety, decrease costs, and bolster outcomes.

Our group's expertise spans data scientists, data modeling and statistical experts, business professionals, nursing informaticists, and medical informaticists. Our tools include SQL database, Crystal Reports, Epic Clarity analytics, and Python scripting, so we can clean, prepare, and make useful the data generated from the electronic health records system. The work we do analyzes usage data sets from the electronic health record, reports on efficacy of new clinical content and order sets, and provides current analytics reports.

Photo: Steven Chan/UCSF

Photo: Noah Berger

Recent Project Highlights

  • Translation of clinical data requirements into analytic solutions that enable clinicians to improve patient care
  • Standardization of opioid metrics for the enterprise to facilitate measurement of UCSF Health's impact on the opioid epidemic
  • Measuring the successes of an enterprise-wide delirium prevention and treatment program
  • Using data and analytics to automate manual compliance audits of high risk medication administration

  • Improve access to care and schedule utilization in clinics and procedural areas by predicting patients who are at high risk of no-show, enabling targeted outreach and intervention
  • Gathering and prioritizing requirements for real-time dashboards in the outpatient setting
  • Translating and aligning visions of clinical content improvement from diverse stakeholders into usable tools and effective processes in the electronic health record


Sara Murray, MD MAS, Medical Director of Clinical Informatics

Joanne Yim, PhD, Data Scientist

In Recruitment, Program Manager, Informatics

Rhiannon Croci, BSN RN-BC, Clinical Informatics Specialist

Robert Schechtman, PhD, Strategic Development Lead